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Inflatables and Party Rentals with Flair!

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We Design and Create Custom Inflatables and Event Elements; party rental items now available!

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All rentals are four (4) or (8) hours as noted, except by special arrangement.
Contact us directly to reserve multiples for custom rates!

Meet Us!

Picture of PDX Fun's Owner, Kathryn, and her family.

After 10 years in corporate event production, I decided to launch an earthquake preparedness company; I came up with a structure and plan, and got ready to roll it out…and then the election hit, and I decided to contribute some happy (vs. more negative content) into the world.

Making -unique, -magical party rental items and inflatable event structures with my amazing network of artists and creative vendors seems like a way better plan!

Please check back, as I will be continuously improving upon our rental inventory; and contact us to brainstorm your own big ideas!
Play Nice and Have a blast,

-Kathryn, Max, and Benjamin

We look forward to posting your reviews!

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